Organic Raw Cacao Nibs

Made from “Criollo" cacao beans, the finest variety of cacao, TerrAmazon cacao nibs are rich in dietary fiber and are harvested under organic methods, working on creating the sustainability chain that preserves the rainforest and its people.

Organic Cacao Powder with Maca

Maca is a root vegetable from the radish family and a nutrient-dense food. This superfood has been considered "The Fountain of Youth" by Peruvian natives for centuries. TerrAmazon's roasted maca is mild in taste and obtained from the finest of organic sources. When combined with our unadulterated, antioxydant-rich cacao powder, the two substances provide a double delight of well-being.

Organic Cacao Powder

A remote area, deep in the Amazon Rainforest, offers a precious gift from nature: "Criollo" - the rarest and most treasured variety of cacao. Harvested from cacao beans under organic farming methods, our cacao powder is a source of protein and iron, and chock-full of polyphenols.