Founded in 2001 by Thierry Ollivier, BrandStorm imports and sells unique superfoods, salts, and snacks under beloved brands, Himalania and Nature’s All Foods. With an extensive array of nutrient-rich ingredients, and long term interest in making responsible business decisions, BrandStorm is uniquely positioned to be the leading sustainable snack company throughout the country.

In 2013, BrandStorm Inc proudly became Fair for LifeSocial & Fair Trade certified. BrandStorm adheres to Fair for Life’s regulations by creating a healthy work space for its employees, while actively engaging in ethical partnerships throughout all stages of production to ensure real opportunities are provided for all.

Fair for Life certification elevates our commitment to creating a thriving   work environment for our employees. We strive to employ a proper balance of social benefits and labor practices to encourage personal growth and development. We value each team member’s efforts and motivate them to flourish in a work culture where they feel they’re contributing to their personal success, and that of the global community.

Himalania is a line of Non-GMO Salts and Organic and Natural Superfoods; each meticulously sourced and selected to ensure the world’s finest offerings. Himalania items are Organic, Fair for Life, Raw, Vegan and Gluten-free; providing good health and great values. Himalania Organic & Fair for Life Chia Seeds represent our holistic commitment to sustainable supply chains and long-term trade partnerships with our producers.

Fair for Life Chia Seeds ensure that a fruitful collaboration has taken place each step of the way; from the time Chia Seeds are cultivated and harvested, to transported and packaged. Fair for Life Standards ensure fair prices, fair working conditions, and fair bargaining power for small-scale farmers and their families. Each day, their futures are improved with easier access to amenities like healthcare and organic farming education. With these efforts impacting the growth of more pure ingredients now, we’re one step closer to building a healthier planet for generations to come.





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